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Bio: Founder of AGORACOM. Small Cap Investor Relations Community. 50M Pageviews/year; 300 + clients makes me a stone cold, kick ass trader

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BREAKING: Namaste $ $NXTTF Receives ACMPR Medical #Cannabis Production License $ATT (Msgs, Twts).ca $ABCN (Msgs, Twts).ca $ACG (Msgs, Twts).ca $ACB (Msgs, Twts)

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#Blockchain: The Building Block of the Supply Chain of Tomorrow? $SX $ $SXOOF $IDK (Msgs, Twts).ca #Blockstation

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Mobile gaming: there’s a new entertainment player in town, Women $KUU (Msgs, Twts).ca #Kuuhubb $TCEHY $ATVI (Msgs, Twts) $CYOU (Msgs, Twts)

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12 Startups Utilizing #Blockchain Technology in New Ways $SX $ $IDK (Msgs, Twts).ca $HIVE (Msgs, Twts).ca $BLOC (Msgs, Twts).ca $CODE (Msgs, Twts).ca

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#Esports: Why pro video #gaming will be bigger than the #NFL $GMBL (Msgs, Twts) $ATVI (Msgs, Twts) $TTWO (Msgs, Twts) $GAME (Msgs, Twts) $EPY (Msgs, Twts).ca

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Don’t Confuse #Bitcoin With #Blockchain Technology $SX $ $SXOOF $IDK (Msgs, Twts).ca $HIVE (Msgs, Twts).ca $BLOC (Msgs, Twts).ca $CODE (Msgs, Twts).ca

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$HPQ (Msgs, Twts).ca Announces that Pyrogenesis $PYR (Msgs, Twts).ca has Issued an Update on the #PUREVAP(TM) Project

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PyroGenesis $PYR (Msgs, Twts).ca is Nominated for “Materials Company of the Year” at the #3D Printing Industry Awards 2018

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New Age Metals $NAM (Msgs, Twts).ca Provides Update on #Platinum Group Metals #PGM and #Lithium Divisions $ $XTM (Msgs, Twts).ca $

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Tetra Bio-Pharma $TBP (Msgs, Twts).ca Announces #FDA Orphan Drug Designation for PPP001 in Treatment of Complex Regional Pain

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$GGX (Msgs, Twts).ca GGX Gold Prepares for Phase III Diamond Drill Program on the Gold Drop Property, Greenwood BC $NNA (Msgs, Twts).ca

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INTERVIEW: Star Navigation $SNA (Msgs, Twts).ca Discusses Patented Real-Time Flight Tracking Technology

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VIDEO: HPQ Silicon $HPQ (Msgs, Twts).ca – Silicon Metal Is THE #Solar Metal $FSLR (Msgs, Twts) $SPWR (Msgs, Twts) $CSIQ (Msgs, Twts) $NEP (Msgs, Twts)

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Marijuana Company of America $MCOA (Msgs, Twts) Announces the Offical Launch of Benihemp at the ASD Trade Show $AERO (Msgs, Twts) $CBDS (Msgs, Twts) $CGRW (Msgs, Twts)

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Monarques Gold $MQR (Msgs, Twts).ca announces the closing of a $5 million financing with Ressources Québec $MUX (Msgs, Twts).ca $SII (Msgs, Twts).ca

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Namaste $N (Msgs, Twts).ca $NXTTF (Msgs, Twts) Announces LOI With Inolife R&D to Conduct a Research Study to Evaluate Needle-Free Injection

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$GOOD (Msgs, Twts).CA is a monster in the making .... watch this company explode in the next 2 years @goodlifenw @JohnDerringer

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Eight Ways #Blockchain Will Impact The World Beyond #Cryptocurrency $SX $ $SXOOF $IDK (Msgs, Twts).ca #Blockstation

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How corporate learning is undergoing a major transformation in #India #edtech #betterU $BTRU (Msgs, Twts).ca

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Inside the Explosive Growth of Pro Gaming on a Smartphone $KUU (Msgs, Twts).ca $GMBL (Msgs, Twts)

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Star Navigation $SNA (Msgs, Twts).ca Remembers MH370

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Post Edited: $AAO (Msgs, Twts).ca Augusta Industries Subsidiary Paragon Blockchain Enters Into An MOU with One of the Worlds’ F

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Big Blockchain news out of Augusta $AAO (Msgs, Twts).ca $AAO (Msgs, Twts) Augusta Industries Subsidiary Paragon Blockchain Enters Into An M…

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PyroGenesis $PYR (Msgs, Twts).ca Provides Update on its #PUREVAP™ Project with $HPQ (Msgs, Twts).ca Silicon Resources Inc.

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Namaste $N (Msgs, Twts).ca $NXTTF (Msgs, Twts) Announces LOI With Ample Organics to Integrate and Sell Vaporizer Hardware Through Their

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